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  • Chakra Healing 7 Stone Bangle Bracelet SilverChakras are the concentrated energy centers of the body. When a chakra is not functioning properly or if it is blocked, illness is more prone to occur. Our wellbeing on all levels can affect and is affected by the chakras. If we are feeling depressed, then we may not be taking in the maximum amount of energy for our needs. If we do not nourish our bodies with the proper food and nutrients, then we may take in less energy than more. If we “block” feelings such as anger, etc., or do not speak our truth, we may be unconsciously impeding our healthy energy flow.Access the power of the chakras with this chakra gemstone bracelet. The chakras are the seven 'energy centres' used in many healing systems. They are the power points in the human body that circulate life force energy also known as prana.  Wear this bracelet to clear the energy flow  and balance of the chakras.7 Chakra balancing healing stones set on a silver plated bangle bracelet.Lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear.Side opening.  Fits most wrist sizes.Gift Bag included.Chakra Healing 7 Stone Bangle Bracelet Silver - diameter 6cm
  • Opalite Crystal Gemstone Bracelet Universal SizeLike all light reflecting stones they help illuminate our path and guide us on our life journey.Opalite ignites feelings of optimism, enthusiasm and creativity.  Dreams do come true.  Opalite illuminates our positive characteristics and emotions, helping us achieve our full potential.  It stops us quitting right before our miracles have occurred.Status quo’s can become jeopardized and bumps in the road rob our peace of mind.  But Opalite is a very stabilising stone making it a perfect partner to help you through these transitions and situations requiring change and adaptability.  It stabilises moods and helps overcome fatigue and anxiety.Wear this Opalite Crystal Gemstone Bracelet Universal Size as a reminder that your current conditions do not determine your life.  Your time is coming to reap the rewards of all your hard work.  Keep your faith and believe that your prayers will be answered.  The all seeing powers of Opalite will help you visualise yourself where you want to be.  It will encourage you to take the necessary steps to positively manifest your desires. Write lists, keep a journal or make a dream board.  Wear your earrings with positive intent and follow the gentle nudging’s of your inner voice as it guides you to take actions related to your dreams.The strong positive vibes of Opalite encourage you to be more energetic and confident.  Use this bracelet during your meditations to count your repetitions and to help you become a more open and enthusiastic person free from self-doubt.Gift bag included.Opalite Crystal Gemstone Bracelet Universal Size- stone size: 8mm
  • Rose Quartz Picture Frame Gemstone Crystal PendantRose Quartz is one of the most important stones for the Heart Chakra. It possesses strong vibrational love energy vital to health and well being. If you are drawn to Rose Quartz it is time to connect to your Divine Feminine nature. This is your inner wisdom, personal strength and power. Inner strength and power is synonymous with courage, confidence and self-esteem; it is not a power struggle or a misuse of power. It is believing in yourself, seeing your unique gifts and having the self-confidence to accept yourself fully as a beautiful woman, inside and out. If you have trouble seeing your inner and outer beauty, wear your Rose Quartz Picture Frame Gemstone Crystal Pendant to show you your inner light and help you see the beauty in all things, starting from within.Pink is a feminine colour. It inspires hope and the warm comforting feeling that everything will be ok. It’s a reassuring stone, carrying the universal symbol of love. Its soft pink hue makes this Rose Quartz Pendant a stone of unconditional love that opens the Heart Chakra to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love and romantic love. Matters of heart can leave painful scars and deep wounds so much so that we stop loving ourselves like we should. Rose Quartz lowers stress, brings peace and balances emotions. Reawaken your heart to the gentle warmth and comfort of innate love as it is only by giving love to yourself that it is possible to truly love others.Healing the Heart Chakra has a positive effect on the Circulatory and Lymphatic System. It is also supportive of the female reproductive system, increasing fertility and lowering postpartum depression.This piece of Rose Quartz is in its partially raw, natural state. Its been ever so slightly beveled and polished to keep in tact its rough natural beauty.Slight imperfections may exist due to the natural stone content and unique, one of a kind, handmade nature of this Rose Quartz Picture Frame Gemstone Crystal PendantFull description and gift bag included. Only one available.Pendant size: 30mm x 26mmStone size: 26mm x 18mmRose Quartz Picture Frame Gemstone Crystal Pendant comes with a 24 inch sterling silver chain,