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  • Indian Chief Feather DreamcatcherA Native American Spirit Guide, also known as your Indian Guide is one of the most spiritual and protecting guides by your side
    From a wizened chieftain to an honorable warrior, Indian Spirit Guides weave their supernatural powers to ground you, so you can make use of the gifts of the earth. While at the same time bringing you wisdom, so you can reach the lofty heights of your personal goals.They also keep you safe from forces unknown to you that may be affecting your life in ways that are hard to imagine.This Dreamcatcher is perfect for adding some rustic bohemian charm to your room.Historically Dreamcatchers were used when people were being tormented by nightmares.  Placed over the sleeping area, the bad dreams become entangled in the web and perish.  Good dreams slip down through the feathers into the sleeper's mind, creating a restful and peaceful sleep, leaving you refreshed when morning comes.  Although the Ojibwa are credited as the first people to use Dream Catchers many other Tribes and Native peoples have adopted Dream Catchers into their culture.The Dreamcatcher LegendOur Dreamcatcher is made from hand woven threads and decorated with feathers and beads.Indian Chief Feather Dreamcatcher - Total length: 24 inches (2ft)Click Here For Eagle Spirit Animal Dreamcatcher
  • Moon Phases Lunar Watch BlackCalling all you Moon Lovers.These unique watches show the waxing and waning cycles of the moon. 
    The moon travels the same path around the Earth every month, so it goes through the same monthly phases.  Different parts of the moon are illuminated during waxing and waning. ✨In the Northern Hemisphere, the part of the moon that is illuminated will appear to grow from right to left until its full, and it will then diminish from right to left. 
    A waxing moon will be illuminated on the right side, and a waning moon will be illuminated on the left side. 
    Available in 4 colours: Black, Red, Grey and White.
    Strap length: 225mm x 20mm       Face size: 35mm x 35mm
    Strap made from faux leather.
    Moon Phases Lunar Watch Black come with a fully working battery.
  • Turquoise Abundance Tree PendantThe blue green colours of Turquoise radiate tranquility. It is a stone of self-forgiveness and self acceptance.  You are created in the image and likeness of the divine for a special reason.  Don't be afraid to communicate your message.  Speak your truth. Turquoise resonates with the throat chakra.  Often messages may come to you from your spirit as you go about your daily activities.  Shyness or feelings of awkwardness may trick you into believing that what you have to say has no value.  This unique pendant is paired with the Abundance Tree of Life medal 'rooted to the earth' reminding you that have the right to exist and a responsibility to grow to be the person you want to become. All trees have to weather storms to shed dead leaves and weak branches. They emerge stronger for it and so will you.Comes with a 925 Sterling Silver Chain.Turquoise Abundance Tree Pendant Size: 35mm x 15mm