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Solar Quartz

Beautiful tranquil Solar Quartz is a natural energy enhancer connecting body and spirit in harmony and light. It is a stone of self-forgiveness and self-acceptance.   It begins its life as a natural Stalactite in caverns and caves making it no stranger to darkness.  These humble origins serve as a reminder that regardless of any shadows in our lives, our will to survive and determination to grow and not to be beaten will always win out.

Solar Quartz can help you recognise why and how you have come to be where you are.  It encourages you to shine your light through the dark times so that your next step can only be in the right direction.  Experiencing periods of extreme difficulty can leave us expecting more hard times which is what we don’t want that.  Solar Quartz helps strengthen your belief that things are about to get better.  As time passes you will heal and regain your footing in this life.

The glossy vibrant colours of  Solar Quartz resonates with the different chakras, bringing emotional strength and better communication powers.  If you find it hard to speak your truth, remember that wearing crystals help you live your earthly life with integrity and truth.  Solar Quartz unblocks the internal communication channels helping you to overcome shyness and say what is really in your heart.  You are created in the image and likeness of the divine for a special reason.  Don’t be afraid to communicate your message.  Speak your truth.

Solar Quartz works with you to raise your vibration and any intentions you set forth.  As a stone of the upper chakras it purifies thoughts to allow for clearer communication with our higher selves.   Often messages may come to you from your spirit as you go about your daily activities.  Shyness or feelings of awkwardness may trick you into believing that what you have to say has no value.  You have the right to exist and a responsibility to grow to be the person you want to become even if that means that like Solar Quartz, you are coming from a place of darkness.

If you have a burning desire to say something but can’t get yourself into the right frame or wording to say it wear Solar Quartz  to give you the strength to verbalise how you feel and communicate your message from a place of love.  Remember Quartz Crystals are powerful amplifiers sending out whatever healing powers you have programmed your crystal to do.


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