Reinventing Yourself 

Every year, always around New Years many of us start thinking about our New Year’s resolutions.  We often see it as a fresh start or a launch pad to get rid of bad habits or pick up positive new ones. Any time can be a launch pad.

So whether you need to lose weight, spend less money, drink less, get a promotion or bump up your fitness; any time is a good time for reinventing yourself.

Having the ability to resist those short term temptations in order to meet your long term goals requires will power.  We often convince ourselves that this time will be different.  Then if our will power wanes, we start beating ourselves up for giving in to temptation.  So what can we do to keep an eye on the goals?

Here are some things that work for me.

  • Remove as much as possible the temptations from your environment.  For example if playing Candy Crush is eating into your time, delete the app from your phone or tablet.  Keep biscuits and crisps out of sight.  Ideally don’t buy them but this is difficult when there are others living with you.  Try buying individually wrapped ones instead as your more inclined to eat one at a time then.

Scarlet gems and minerals such as Red Coral can actually help you resist temptation.  The passionate red ray combined with the vitality of orange give you a zest for life and the strength to refuse what is not good for you.




  • Sugary, refined or salty foods are manufactured in such a way that you want to keep eating them. They are almost addictive.  Do not beat yourself up about this.  This is not your will power waning.  These products are irresistible to us all, so that you keep eating them and then go out to buy more.

Did you know that Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz ward off sugar addictions.  Malachite reduces caffeine cravings. Amethyst aids detoxification and sobriety.



  • Often after eating carbs or sugary meals we get cravings to eat more.  Again this is not a lack of will power.  Sugar spikes are followed by dips and lows which cause powerful sugar cravings.


  • If fitness is on your goal list then treat yourself to new gym clothes. Those tired washed out leggings and t-shirts will make you feel washed out and tired.  Choose bright happy colours, uplifting music and an activity that suits you.  If running is not your thing, don’t feel pressurised just because your friends are jogging.  Maybe Zumba or Pilates would work better.  When you enjoy something it is no longer a chore.  Citrine, Lemon Quartz and Carnelian boost our “get up and go” helping us achieve our fitness plan.  This doesn’t have to mean signing up for a marathon.  They work on every level, even if that means just turning off the television and getting out for a walk.  Yellow gems stimulate motivation, will power, personal power and strength.  Yellow is the colour of the sun and represents happiness, joy and life-force energy, just what you need for reinventing yourself.



  • If like me, you write down all your intentions, be sure to use firm and concise words.  Saying something like I will try exercise 3 times a week automatically gives you an opt out clause.  Be specific.  Remove words such as try or would like.  Instead use committed words such as I will and I can.

Clarity of thought and intentions are often overlooked.  We need clarity to see what is in front of us, what we want to achieve and how we are going to get it.  Mental focus and clarity are associated  with Fluorite, Citrine and Clear Quartz.



  • If financial goals or promotions are in your sights, then surround yourself with people who will support you. Good friends won’t entice you for lavish nights out or weekend shopping trips when they know you are trying to save some money.  Likewise if you need to home study or work an hour longer to secure that promotion, supportive positive people will be happy to give you the time and space.

          Adventurine, Citrine and Tiger’s Eye all work in a unique way to bring you the wealth and abundance you are seeking.  Combining their high vibration with your own intention is a powerful way to open up your life to the flow of prosperity and success.

So the next time you’re feeling guilty about having no will power, give yourself a break.  Reinventing Yourself  helps to change your approach, remove the temptations and if you don’t have a supportive network of friends and family, your little gem buddies will always have your back.