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A magical and versatile product.  It has long been used as a smudge to drive away negativity, cleanse sacred spaces and attract good luck, love and wealth.  It can be used for simple meditations or elaborate rituals.  Our sticks are individually hand rolled, made from natural herbs, fragrant resins, essential oils and aromatic woods.

Incense resonates with the element air and helps raise your vibration to create the magical intent you need to bring about your manifestation goals.  They are very good for psychic work, meditation and relaxation purposes.

Incense has long been used by Spiritual Leaders to cleanse the soul and remove residual negative energies. Burning it has many health benefits, aside from its sweet pretty smell.

Our Sticks are sourced from all over the world to bring you the latest scents and largest selection. The individual properties of each incense type are listed underneath the product.


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