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There is something calm and centering about Hematite.  It’s cool touch and iron ore properties immediately anchor us to the earth and provide a deep sense of grounding

If you’re drawn to Hematite, it could be a sign that you’re in need of stability and balance in your life.

How do we know if we’ve become ungrounded?  Here’s a quick checklist.

You’ve misplaced your keys.  Your bag.  And your phone.  And … When you find yourself losing just about everything that isn’t nailed down, it’s time for grounding.

Feeling lightheaded and sort of ‘out of it’.  Does everyone have to repeat themselves?  Forgetting appointments?  Feeling as though things aren’t “registering”?

Squinting at lights and jumping at sounds.  Being ungrounded magnifies our senses.

Challenges with depth perception and feeling awkward.  Knocking over your cup of tea?  Catching your purse straps in the car door?  Tripping over the elevator threshold?  Grinding your wheel on the parking space curb?  When we aren’t grounded, our spatial relations suffer.

An inability to focus or feeling physically drained.  Oversleeping?  Looking for the closest chair?  Sitting in the car for a few minutes before tackling the grocery shopping?

Hematite works with you to reduce the impact of stress. Not only is it grounding, it stabilises heightened emotions such as anxiety and depression and it protects your outer aura from negative energy attacks. It resonates with your Root Chakra.  Hematite protects against geopathic stress and toxic electromagnetic energy from electronic devices and fluorescent lighting.  It is one of the strongest material’s to resonate with the Earth’s plane.  This makes it an excellent stone for grounding work, stabilising heightened emotions such as anxiety and depression and protecting ones aura from negativity.

Hematite is your gentle nudge back to earth.


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