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Turquoise and Silver are a match made in heaven, renowned for its spiritual powers as well as its beauty. It’s one of the oldest stones used in jewellery making, dating back to well before 5000 BC, often called the sky stone after its colour.

Turquoise is used by many tribal communities all around the world. In Tibet for example, children are given a piece of Turquoise to protect them from falling over.

Are you finding it hard to speak your truth?  Turquoise has a strong resonance with the throat chakra aiding spiritual attunement and communication.  A powerful healing stone to help you live your earthly life with integrity and truth. Allowing you to speak your message from a place of love.  It is a stone of self-forgiveness and self acceptance.  You are created in the image and likeness of the divine for a special reason.

Often we hold back on saying what is really in our heart, or we have a burning desire to do something but we can’t get ourselves into the right frame to do it. Turquoise gives us the strength to verbalise how we feel and communicate our message.

Turquoise unblocks the internal communication channels helping you to overcome shyness and say what is really in your heart.  It calms the breath of those prone to over- reacting and self sabotage.  Speech becomes more direct and structured as you speak your truth.

From a health perspective this Turquoise helps with areas involving the upper Chakras such as sinus, brain, eyes, ears, nose and throat.  It also strengthens the immune system, alleviating allergies and breathing problems.

Its natural healing energy is good for nervous conditions such as depression, panic attacks and exhaustion. It helps focus thoughts and bring things back into perspective. Turquoise is also useful as an anti-inflammatory, relieving the pressure of migraines, joint pain and eye strain.

Turquoise is a wonderful stone to gift to anyone embarking on travel or a voyage of self discovery as it alleviates jet lag, and helps us get to know ourselves on a deeper level even if this means releasing old habits and embracing the new.


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