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Gorgeous Green Aventurine represents vitality and health. It vibrates strongly with Earth Energy and is often called the Opportunity Stone due to its powers of increase and manifestation, bringing new opportunities steeped in prosperity and success. If you’re tired of recurring negative patterns in your life Aventurine can help you break this cycle and release old toxic thoughts.

Green Aventurine shimmers from the iridescent mica inclusions nestled throughout.  This offers deeper healing as it contains the effects of both light and dark green vibrations.

It is a unique stone as it works with those who seek greater spirituality yet struggle to keep focus because their awareness is continually being drawn back to earthly matters or pain and dis-eases in their body.  Like most green crystals, they are heart chakra stones.  Helping to lift burdens, open up to love and expand your awareness to create a greater understanding of what your life lessons are.

Aventurine is the perfect partner to Breath Work.  Deep breaths bring more oxygen to the organs.  They trigger an intense cellular purification, strengthening weaker organs and filling your aura with life force energy.

This crystal represents all things healing. The colour green increases your psychological well-being.  It attracts positive energy eradicating negative behaviours.  It boosts confidence, adds courage and eases tension.  A great every day Talisman.

As simple as it sounds, connecting with nature has the power to give a subtle but profound change to your psyche and aura.  Green is the colour of nature, growth, rebirth and renewal.  Surrounding yourself with its deep rich hues re-energise and create positive vibes that instill a sense of peace and calm.

Green Aventurine resonates with the Heart Chakra making it an excellent stone for anyone suffering with cardiac and circulatory problems, high blood pressure or recovering from an illness. It’s the main comforter and heart healer of the gem family.

It encourages feelings of calm and well-being. On an emotional level it heals deep seethed wounds and balances issues of the heart. It also protects the heart from energy vampires and those that steal your joy.

Wear or carry this stone to focus on your desires instead of fears. As your energy becomes calmer and more grounded hidden blessings and solutions to stressful situations will start to appear.

Green Aventurine is a great Talisman for new beginnings, such as new love, a promotion or a new job or house. Green is the colour of nature, and nature represents new growth and renewal. New beginnings are the start of wonderful journeys.

Believe in yourself and break free from what is holding you back. Make bold changes in your life to become the person you always wanted to be. Aventurine works to keep your thoughts pure and positive, your heart full of joy and your intentions for the highest good of all involve


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