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Citrine is a bright energetic stone mirroring the golden colour of the sun’s rays. Its one of the most optimistic stones in the gem family and often garners your attention when you’re feeling the need to move on.  What once interested you has lost its charm, and you’re seeking more meaning and rewards.

Citrine is like a ray of sunshine spreading light and positive vibes to anything it touches or is near. It’s a stone of happy times, happy omens, and many blessings appearing right before your eyes. Relationships will warm and flourish. Abundance will manifest. Gains will be seen.

Orange is a very powerful colour representing vibrancy, energy and strength.  Citrine is a stone of prosperity, success and abundance, perfect for followers of the Law of Attraction. Its light reflecting properties resonate with the energy of generosity so that prosperity and success are shared. If you need to change your financial, family and career circumstances from negative to positive this stone is for you.

Even if you are in a little bit of a rough patch, Citrine means that you bring a positive attitude and that you radiate an “I can do it” attitude. And if things aren’t all bright and shiny, you must believe that better times are on their way.

You must stay in the positive in order to raise your vibration and attract the things into your life that you want or want to be. If you police your every thought you will become stuck in a negative cycle and a depressed pattern of living. This will reinforce a general sense of daily low self worth.

There is so much that is wonderful about you. Why would you not want to shine as bright as Citrine. Shine your light like this dynamic stone. It is time for the world to see your unique beauty and appreciate and value the real you



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