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Purple Agate

Agate is a stone everyone should carry for healing.  It’s one of the oldest healing gemstones.  Historically used in the breastplates of Armour to give warriors strength and victory in battle.  It represents hope and possibility.  It alleviates a depressive mood, soothes emotional energies and harmonises our Aura during times of stress.

The warm purple glow of Purple Agate calm and soothe emotional energies. Its harmonising qualities are particularly useful during times of stress which lead to negative thinking and unproductive patterns of behaviour. Agate releases anger and anxiety.

The deep purple colour creates a sense of calm and contentment.  Its waxy softness and wavy striations vibrate at a slow and steady frequency.  Agate helps to ground and stabilise, slowing your natural rhythm and helping you to reconnect with your breath.

It acts like a mini aura cleanser and restores the Yin and Yang balance to all situations. It is only at this point of calmness that self-reflection and contemplation can take place leading to spiritual growth. You begin to feel more centred, grounded and stronger.

Agate is the perfect healing stone for digestive complaints such as IBS, heart burn and acid reflux. Purple Agates grows in multiple layers, symbolic of life events which we must go through on our life path.

If you often question yourself or self-examine your actions, this pendant is for you.  Agate releases fear and anxiety and allows for clear decision making and the strength to be oneself.  Purple Agate helps us to be kinder to ourselves.

The multiple layers of Agate are symbolic of life events which we must go through on our life path.  Agate enhances creativity and sharpens the intellect, making it a beneficial stone for embarking on a new venture or as a “Good Luck” charm.  If the crystal has a perfectly formed concentric eye it represents seeing things clearly and is considered extremely lucky.

Like precious metals refined in the fire. Purple Agate promotes self-acceptance and encourages spiritual awakening. Purple is the colour of the Crown Chakra and represents spiritual fulfilment. As one of the highest chakras, it ensures that we are connected to the divine and in touch with our deepest thoughts on our quest for the meaning of life. Purple is often used by Royalty and represents peace of mind, mystery, psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. Agate is a stone of strength, harmony, courage and self-confidence. Together they make for a powerful combination.


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