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Labradorite is the absolute best crystal to get when it comes to manifesting your desires; it’s like the Star stone in the gem world.  Labradorite reinforces that whatever you’re asking about has extra special magical energy surrounding it right now.  This is the time to expect miraculous solutions to appear. The manifestation energy is high, so you must keep your thoughts positive in order to manifest what you desire.

This crystal brings magical possibilities to all areas, including communication and speaking your truth in a positive and loving way; finding your personal strength, power and joy; finding and pursuing the right path and magical life force energy.

The stunning blue, green and gold flashes of Labradorite  turn a unique stone into something extraordinary.  Labradorite is a stone of mystic and magic believed to have come from the Aurora Borealis.  It reminds us of the power and beauty of unseen realms and to trust in the presence of Heaven.  Allow yourself to be open to messages and signs from the divine as you go about your daily life.  Trust that there is a purpose to life.  Keep your faith; there is more to life than struggle.

Labradorite is a magical stone that reflects the many magical experiences this world has the potential to offer.  Use this crystal as a reminder to persevere, stay strong and believe in yourself, because the world needs lightworkers like you.

Labradorite is favoured by healers, lightworkers and empaths, helping to awaken intuition, raise the healing vibration of the earth and heighten psychic abilities.  It raises your own personal healing vibration and creates an inner strength that radiates from the inside out.  You deserve love and miraculous blessings.  Carrying this stone or using it in your meditations can help you feel that you are being watched over and loved so that you feel more secure on your life path.

Like all light reflective stones Labradorite provides clarity and insight, helping to bring issues and emotions into the light, where they can be dealt with in a positive way.  Our Ego tries to convince us that we are unworthy and don’t deserve help.  You must stay strong to your true spiritual identity and power.  Light reflects more light and cancels darkness, making for positive attraction, uncovering dark, limiting and self-destructive emotions and allowing room for success, prosperity and happiness to come your way.  Know that there is a reason, a purpose, and that sometimes it’s a stepping stone to something much better.

Labradorite offers protection and safe travel on your spiritual and astral journeys and greater esoteric wisdom.

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