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Like an exotic tropical plant on the ocean floor, Red Coral symbolises life force energy.  A warm passionate colour, which excites emotions and gives confidence to shy souls. lt resonates with creativity and optimism and ignites forgotten desires and motivates the wearer into action.

Red Coral comes from the sea and is associated with emotional healing because of its watery home. It is considered especially useful for stimulating the blood stream, nourishing the circulatory system and strengthening the bones and skeletal system.

It is no stranger to darkness, as it grows in dark caves or crevices. It serves as a reminder that regardless of any shadows in our lives, our will to survive and determination not to be beaten will always win out.

Coral knows that the waves of life push us to harsh difficult places. It awakens our inner strength so that in this life we can summon the power to stand our ground and not become lost at sea.

Red Coral activates the Root Chakra, releasing pent up energy. It safeguards the wearer from wallowing in depression and purifies the body, helping it purge itself of toxins.

The hard skeleton of the red coral branches is naturally matte, but its polished to a medium shine making it perfect for jewellery making.


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