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Sodalite resembles the Sky. A spirit body with neither time nor distance.  Spirituality is all about the union of heaven and earth.  Living with your head in the clouds, but being deeply rooted deep in the earth.  The human body is an inseparable umbilical cord that connects heaven and earth.

Often considered a mysterious stone because of its depth and intangible colour patterns.  Its dark blue striations with pockets of white calcite and pyrite generate feelings of inner peace and calm, like watching the clouds move across the sky on a windy day.

Sodalite resonates with the vibration of truth and is governed by the Third Eye and Throat Chakra.  It encourages clear communication channels, helping heal rifts and disagreements with loved ones.  It’s a useful stone for public speakers and those employed in similar professions.  It facilitates honesty, helping you to communicate your message from a place of love and understanding. Unfortunate life events weaken our aura, making us more vulnerable.  Sodalite restores stamina and endurance, bringing logic and uniting our conscious and sub conscious minds.

Medically Sodalite aids thyroid disorders, calcium deficiency and complaints in the upper chakras such as insomnia, tension, head colds and sinus pressure.

Sodalite is a wonderful stone to place around your home to maintain harmony, live in truth and lead a more authentic life.


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