Root Chakra Healing

Today, I was working on my Root Chakra Healing, also called the Muladhara.  This chakra is known as the seat for raw emotional energy.    It is the first of the seven chakras and is located in the area at the base of your spine.

Root deficiencies make you feel ungrounded, uneasy and vulnerable, forcing you to question yourself and consider your value in this life.  This disconnection makes you second guess everything you do.  Have you often wished for more self-confidence, inspiration and creativity? Have you suffered with the feeling of just not being good enough? Even when you know you can achieve a goal, it is easy to fall prey to negative thoughts that can put you off. 

Imbalances in the root chakra cause anxiety disorders, eating disorders, colon and bladder problems and weight gain.  This can manifest itself in continuous fear and a feeling of impending doom, insecurity and fear.  Other physical and psychological signs can include:  aggressiveness, sexual dysfunction, anger and restlessness.

A strong root chakra is essential to ground and provide strength and stability in life. Even if you do not particularly need help right now, it is important to build your spiritual strength for the future.

A number of very simple and easy steps can be taken to heal any imbalances or blockages in the root chakra.  These are based on our 5 human senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Here are my tips on Root Chakra Healing.


Root chakra disorders relate to how you feel in your immediate environment, from your home to your workplace and town.  Surround yourself with the things you love.  Today, as I was sitting on my couch in my living room, I realised that almost every object in the room was special to me in some way.  Visually seeing things that you love so much creates a specialness and a warm glow internally.  With so many house and home images on the internet its easy to feel that your own environment falls short and is supposed to look a certain way.  The things you love are unique and personal to you.  Surround yourself with them as that’s what really makes a home a home.

Another super quick way is visualise the colour red glowing at the base of your spine.  As the glow gets brighter, picture this red light moving down your legs and feet grounding you down into the earth.


Connect yourself with the sounds of the Earth.  Go outside and make your own personal connection with nature.  This will open the root chakra to a more grounded energy flow.  If you do not have access to a garden then walk outside or in a park. 

For an easier alternative that fits better with my time schedule, I listen to natural sounds on YouTube or download some of the many free tracks available online.  Listening to the sounds of rain, wind, thunder and storm, birds and animals really anchors your base chakra.


Certain food items make ideal root chakra healing foods.  Their colour, origin and vibration restore depleted energy.

Naturally occurring red foodstuffs and root vegetables are grapes, red onion, red pepper, beets, rainbow chard, tomatoes, red chilli.   The presence of these plants in your diet can bring the earth closer to you.

Elderberry tea supports your root chakra too.  Try get the organic blend if you can.


Aromatherapy is a really useful tool for chakra balancing and root chakra healing. The relationship between your sense of smell and certain fragrances is powerful.  Using aromas to influence your well-being is an age old tradition.

To heal the root chakra, consider using flowering, earthy-scented essential oils to ground and balance, including, ylang-ylang, rosemary, patchouli, sandalwood, myrrh and rosemary.

These nourishing smells will awaken your mind’s innate healing powers.  Smell connects you directly with your emotions, memories, and instincts.

Use natural products such as Neal’s Yard Organics in the shower.  Being completely mindful when you bathe is a powerful stabiliser.

By using aromas in your daily routine, you can enjoy the benefits of a more relaxed and peaceful state.  Use oil burners, diffusers, sprays, pulse point roller balls or liberal application (if permitted)


Pocket healing stones or wearing chakra jewellery for chakra balancing is also common.  The cold waxy smoothness and vibrational frequencies of these stones can restore and balance deficient chakras.

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Stones can be selected by colour (the root chakra is red) or if they have the same vibrational frequency as its associated chakra.

Red stones include garnet, carnelian, red jasper, red onyx and coral.  Other options include lava stone, hematite and smoky quartz.

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Keeping a balanced root chakra will provide a solid foundation for the smooth functioning of you’re other chakras.☀  You will notice yourself more calm, patient and at ease with the world.  Knowing when to spot the first signs of blockages is key to a speedy recovery.  Some Root Chakra Healing Affirmations are:

I trust in the process of life

I feel connected to my body

I am safe and secure in my world

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