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Lapis Lazuli

Like a night sky, the vast expanse of blueness, twinkling stars and the peacefulness of the limitless heavens. Few can resist its hypnotic pull. Lapis Lazuli is a powerful connector and channel between the earthly and celestial planes.

Lapis is a stone of the mind as it activates the higher mind and encourages clarity of thought and a desire for knowledge. Wear this gorgeous gemstone for clarity of thought during meditation and increased intuition and psychic awareness. A quiet relaxed mind will hear more divine messages.

This stone is much more than a bold statement piece as it strengthens your manifestation goals and protects them from being whittled away by energy vampires. It was known as the protective stone and is still reputed today to help you overcome emotional trauma and ignite feelings of hope and renewal. Wear Lapis Lazuli Jewellery daily as a reminder that your body and soul need a quiet time to reflect, think and receive guided insights.

Lapis Lazuli creates a strong spiritual connection to your higher power, activating your Third Eye. It symbolises the cycle of life. A gentle reminder to follow your instincts and use your natural talents and passions to bring love and light to yourself and others. Your life purpose shouldn’t involve struggle. A quiet relaxed mind will hear more divine messages.


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