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Beautiful Tsavorite is a ultimate stone of manifestation, prosperity and vitality. It is said to help find the inner beauty both in oneself and others. It relieves stress at a deeper level uplifting emotions and spirit. Tsavorite is a stone that helps one live one’s own destiny rather than struggling along a path that is not truly theirs. It is not only a stone of abundance, it is a stone prosperity, and it helps decrease financial anxieties.

The stunning green formations of Tsavorite balance the energetic flow throughout the  body.  It resonates  with the heart and solar plexus chakras.

From a health perspective Tsavorite has been found useful when treating disorders of the heart, lungs, liver and pancreas.  It is used in crystal healing and folk medicine for cell growth, quicker healing, heart problems, disorders of the five senses.

This crystal is used in metaphysics to contact the spiritual world and higher planes. It not only affects the energy of the person wearing it or carrying it beneficially, but also other people nearby.

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