The varieties of Spiritual Products available today are staggering!  We are always seeking new, exotic and unique products to present to our customers.  It’s exciting to know that our products come from all around the world including countries like Nepal, Thailand, USA, Italy, Brazil, India and Japan.  We also hand make many of our jewellery items.

We constantly have new products spilling through our doors.   Our range is always growing and something new is always on offer.  At Spiritual Gifts Ireland we strive to be different and human interaction is our greatest motivator.  All of our items have been heavily researched and only a select few products have been handpicked to be in our shop.

Our goal is to promote harmony between your mind, body and spirit through our crystal healing and gemstone products. Nourish yourself with our magic as you Click into our beautifully illustrated pages where you will find a fantastic range of inspiring and affordable gifts and jewellery.

Our products are available to all of you throughout the Island of Ireland, UK, Europe and the rest of the World.  If you need to ask a question before placing an order, please contact us at or through our Contact Us section and we will do our utmost to help you.

I hope you enjoy shopping with us.