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Few can resist the beauty of a Moonstone Rainbow.  The perfect amalgamation of light.  They represent a bridge between two worlds, our earthly and spiritual worlds. Rainbows bring hope and renewal.  A feeling that the rain has passed and good things are on the way.

Gorgeous Rainbow Moonstone is a reminder to you to keep looking upwards.  Hold onto your hope.  Open your heart and let the divine light in so that you can be guided in the direction most right for you.  It is the most personal and intimate of all the gems as it promotes self-reflection, examination and exploration.

Don’t spread yourself too thin by taking on too many tasks, you will only exhaust yourself. You must take care of yourself. Caring for others involves caring for you too. Remove the dramas, release what no longer serves you, let go of the negativity. Slow down and breathe. Your rushing to get everything done, trying to carry the universe on your shoulders and make it look like a pair of wings instead. Reconnect with yourself. Tune out from the noise and listen to your inner wisdom. That all knowing feminine warrior living deep in your soul.

Moonstone intensifies your divine feminine energy. This is the most loving and purest healing energy, a true reflection of your inner Goddess. Helping you to come home to your true self and open your heart and mind to receive glorious healing and positive energy. This attractive magnetic force brings ease and flow to life rather than having to work so hard.

Rainbow Moonstone opens the channels to spiritual awareness raising your vibration from weakness to strength and stagnation to creativity. This spiritual awakening brings harmony to yin and yang energies within your body and nurtures your spirit.

Moonstone is a soft stone rich in hidden colour. Its gentle frequency enhances intuition, sensuality and a sense of completeness. Without honouring and nurturing our inner soul, we feel incomplete and emotionally dissatisfied, pursuing paths that are destructive to ourselves and toxic to those we love. This gives rise to feelings of incompleteness and makes our lives feel superficial.

Rainbow Moonstone raises female vibrational energy encouraging women to embrace their innate personal power and deepen their spiritual walk and psychic gifts. Celebrate your wisdom and beauty and release what no longer serves you. You are stronger than you think. Wearing or carrying this stone serves as a reminder that you have a divine right to greatness.

As a light reflecting stone it helps uncover deeply buried emotions bringing them into the light where they can be dealt with and released in a safe and comfortable way.   Rainbow Moonstone brings freedom to the wearer – freedom of choice, freedom of expression and freedom of speech.  It resonates with the female energies of the moon. Moon energy lives in your heart as opposed to your head and represents intuition, calmness and balance.

From a physical perspective Moonstone restores our natural body rhythms.  The stresses of modern living can knock our hormonal system off kilter.  Moonstone repairs poor sleep patterns, sluggish metabolisms, female reproductive complaints and poor skin, hair and nails.

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