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Gemstone Pendants

For many of us jewellery is a lifelong love.  Addiction or a staple diet, we cannot exist without them.  Nothing can add the wow factor to your wardrobe like jewellery can.  But besides this obvious role the benefits of jewellery go far beyond fashion. Jewellery creates a feel good factor. From colourful and bold to elegant and gorgeous.  Having the right accessories immediately creates a feel good vibe.

At Spiritual Gifts Ireland we know the importance of choosing gemstone jewellery based on spiritual principles.  You’re spiritual practice and well being is very important to us.
Our gemstone pendants are chosen based on the subtle but positive energy they emit.  Each piece helps to channel your intention to a higher awakening.  It strengthens your connection with your Divine and higher consciousness.  Chakras are balanced and cleansed and your mood is lifted.

Many of our gemstone pendants are associated with specific parts of the body.  Each body part is associated with a specific chakra. Healing energy is activated around the body where the jewellery is worn.  Dormant chakras are reawakened and blockages removed.


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