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Fluorite is a crystal that typically turns up or you feel drawn to when you are healing emotional pain.  It’s usually a sign that an issue that has been bothering you needs to be resolved. Sadly so many people are emotionally wounded and don’t quite know what to do with the emotional pain they are carrying.  Fluorite acts like a vacuum to help you through this time of healing.  It’s a reassurance that you are lovable and deserve a happy heart.

Fluorite works against stuffing feelings down into ourselves, which will eventually come to the surface anyway. Basically any feeling which is challenging our mental health or stopping us moving forward.  Fluorite brings comfort to grief and a sense of peace to situations that never got closure.  It strengthens our resolve so we can take responsibility for our own well-being. When we are emotionally healthy, we are naturally happier in our lives.  Happy people radiate positive energy, which deflects negative energy.

Crystals are typically green or purple or a mixture of both colours.  Green is the colour of the heart chakra, aligning your thoughts with the desires of your heart.  Purple is the colour of spirituality helping you to discover your divine purpose in life.  The beautiful purple and green colours  make them the ideal stone for ‘Indigo Children’ helping them to stay safe from people who tap into your energy and steal your joy.  Use them to cleanse and repair your auric field and protect and ground you in stressful situations.

Carry or wear a Fluorite crystal to generate peace within your soul, bring calm to a restless spirit and silence the constant chatter in busy minds.

 Fluorite often grows in perfect cube formations.  This perfection is reflected in our health as its one of the few stones which resonates with the entire body promoting the desire for ‘perfect health’.  Fluorite seeks out and repairs poor immune systems, areas of inflammation, all respiratory ailments and nervous complaints.  Fluorite also strengthens teeth and bones.


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