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Pink Agate 

Pink Agate

Beautiful Pink Botswana Agate mined from African Caves vibrates at a slow and steady frequency.  Its balance and stability make it beneficial for life situations requiring calmness and logic.

Life often throws curve balls causing us to emotionally self destruct, engage in compulsive patterns of behaviour and accept less than what we deserve. Botswana Agate helps you to reverse these tendencies and handle change and transitions in a positive way.  They help attract the love that we need and reinforce commitments both from others and to ourselves.

Pink has all the vibrancy and determination of red and the purity and completeness of white.  Pink Stones resonate with the heart Chakra and strengthen the organs in that area, including the lungs, respiratory and digestive tract.  This makes for calmer clearer breathing, returning us to centre, allowing us the space to meditate and reflect on what is happening in our life and what the next step should be.


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