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Garnet is a timeless classic that resonates with the root chakra creating a solid foundation on which all the other chakras are based. Red is the colour of love and the true nature of our consciousness is an expression of unconditional love.  Love is what we feel when we realise we are all one – separate players in the game of life but joined together in essence, sharing our world and connected at Source.

Imbalances in the root chakra cause anxiety disorders, eating disorders, colon and bladder problems and weight gain.  A strong root chakra is essential to ground and provide strength and stability in life.  Have you often wished for more self-confidence, inspiration and creativity.  Even when you know you can achieve a goal, it is easy to fall prey to negative thoughts that can put you off.  Garnets can help you to regain trust in yourself

They are associated with all things pleasure, inspiration and creativity.☀  Red is the colour of passion and vitality.  Garnets release built up negativity and clear stumbling blocks to fulfilment and abundance.  They are powerful healers, releasing old traumas and emotional hurt which can cause depression and anxiety.

From a health perspective, Garnets can assist with acid reflux (GERD), adrenal gland dysfunction and poor immune systems.  Its bright red colour makes it excellent for blood disorders and anemia.






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