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  • Carnelian Keyring Moon Crescent

    Carnelian: strength, courage, endurance, prosperity, good luck and wealth

    Gift pouch and full description included.Reinforced strength chain.Keyring size: 50mm x 50mmSee Also Our Chakra Abundance Tree Keyring

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  • Chakra Abundance Tree Keyring

    Abundance Tree -  the evolution of our spiritual selves and the circle of life

    Chakra Abundance Tree Keyring is handmade with 7 different crystals and finished in a wire wrap design. A symbol of growth, blessings and love.Gift pouch and full description included.Reinforced strength chain.Keyring size: 50mm x 50mm 

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  • Chakra Stone Lotus Yoga Keyring

    This Chakra Stone Lotus Yoga Keyring is a symbol of growth, blessings & love. Use this Keyring to bring awareness to your chakras & balance the energy flow. Each chakra is linked to a region of the body and specific energies.Handmade with 7 different crystalsGenuine Natural StoneGift pouch & full description included.Reinforced strength chain.Keyring size: 10cmChakra Stone Lotus Yoga Keyring  

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  • Chakra Stone Sacred Geometry Keychain

    Key chains make keeping track of your keys simple. Organize your car keys and house keys on this stunning Chakra key chain - featuring a sacred geometry symbol and chakra gemstones.Use it as a daily reminder of the importance of your spiritual health. Chakra key chains make great gifts for new drivers, and new home and car owners.  These keychains are also a beautiful gift for yoga lovers and yoga teachers.Gift pouch and full description included.Reinforced strength chain.Keyring length: 12cmChakra Stone Sacred Geometry Keychain size: 7cm x 3.5mm 

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  • Clear Quartz Crystal Moon Crescent KeyringClear Quartz shines like the moon rising above the clouds in the night sky.  It represents Clarity. Cutting through any cloudiness or mental fog like a knife.  -  Clear Quartz has a strong vibration making it the easiest crystal to programme.  They are powerful amplifiers sending out whatever you have programmed them to do.  As the negative energy clears, your mind will feel clearer and balanced,  amplifying your thoughts to higher places.Because of their wonderful ability to carry any energy easily Clear Quartz has become known as the ‘Master Healer’.  This is a wonderful quality if you need a powerful generator pendant to wear on a regular daily basis.  By calming and quieting your mind, then concentrating upon whatever you want your crystal to do, you will ‘program’ it with the specific energy of your thought.  This acts like a “back-up battery” sending you the power of your intention long after you have moved ahead with your day.The beautiful white light of this Clear Quartz Keychain represents the divine, our Master Creator in whose image we are made.  A reminder to exist in form, yet have the vibration of Spirit.  Carrying it helps open the mind and heart to receive messages from the divine; it cleanses your chakras and diminishes negative energy.  It enhances your psychic abilities helping you to concentrate and channel your thoughts so that whatever you want to manifest or have programmed the crystal to do can come to pass.From a health perspective Clear Quartz can be used for virtually any ailment hence why it is known as the Master Healer. It is especially potent as a boost to the internal organs such as kidneys, bladder and the digestive tract.If you are being drawn to Clear Quartz you are being asked to operate in the spirit of Clarity.  Clear thoughts, clear aura, clear goals.  You may have been sitting on the fence about a particular issue.  The time has come to make a decision.  It is only through the spirit of clarity that your manifestation goals can come to pass.Full description and gift bag included.Reinforced strength chain.Keyring length: 12cmMoon Crescent size: 7cm x 1.5mmClear Quartz Crystal Moon Crescent Keyring - Each keychain will vary slightly due to the natural stone content. 


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