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  • Angel Stud Earrings Sterling Silver Bestow the gift of Angels and leave a lasting impact from the very first moment your present is received. Because Angels are considered the divine givers of good energy in the world. They are frequently depicted as being sent by a higher power in order to spread love, joy and protection. They are divine messengers sent to help us on our Spiritual journey, they are gifts from God. Guardian Angels are assigned to guide and protect you. Always around you, listening to your innermost thoughts. Don’t be afraid to ask for even the smallest favour. Often it is the little stresses that grow to major issues. Our Angelic friends help to restore your happiness, health, peace and abundance. Anyone can tune in to their messages. You were created in divine light and deserve love and miraculous blessings. An Angel can mean something different to everyone so they make a fantastic gift. Give them to friends and family to remind them of their positive qualities or to offer courage and guidance. Many people around the world are seeing angel signs that appear during unexpected events in their lives. These signs bring hope and comfort when people feel alone and disconnected, or when they need encouragement. For this reason, know that when you see an angel sign, you are being helped and assisted by spiritual beings, like spirit guides and angels, from higher realms. If your searching for perfect Angel gift, these Angel Stud Earrings are for you You were created in divine light and deserve love and miraculous blessings. Learn More About Wearing Angel Jewellery Full Description and gift bag included. These gorgeous Cubic Zirconia Angel Stud Earrings Sterling Silver 925 help to channel your thoughts on your Guardian Angel who is assigned to guide and protect you. Cubic Zirconia. Click Here For Angel Aura Rainbow Quartz Pendant Click Here For Guardian Angel Pendant Clear Quartz

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  • Turquoise Sterling Silver Faceted Gemstone Necklace Turquoise is renowned for its spiritual powers as well as its beauty.  It’s one of the oldest stones used in jewellery making, dating back to well before 5000 BC, often called the sky stone after its colour. Turquoise is a wonderful stone to gift to anyone embarking on travel or a voyage of self discovery as it alleviates jet lag, and helps us get to know ourselves on a deeper level even if this means releasing old habits and embracing the new. The blue green colours of Turquoise radiate tranquility.  It is a stone of self-forgiveness and self-acceptance.  If you find it hard to speak your truth, remember that Turquoise resonates with the throat chakra to help you live your earthly life with integrity and truth. Turquoise unblocks the internal communication channels helping you to overcome shyness and say what is really in your heart.  You are created in the image and likeness of the divine for a special reason.  Don’t be afraid to communicate your message.  Speak your truth. Often messages may come to you from your spirit as you go about your daily activities.  Shyness or feelings of awkwardness may trick you into believing that what you have to say has no value.  You have the right to exist and a responsibility to grow to be the person you want to become.  If you have a burning desire to say something but can’t get yourself into the right frame or wording to say it. Turquoise gives you the strength to verbalise how you feel and communicate your message from a place of love. From a health perspective Turquoises natural healing energy is good for nervous conditions such as depression, panic attacks and exhaustion. It helps focus thoughts and bring things back into perspective. Turquoise is also useful as an anti-inflammatory, relieving the pressure of migraines, joint pain and eye strain. Wear this beautiful Turquoise Sterling Silver Faceted Gemstone Necklace to balance your emotions and induce a sense of serenity and peace. Pendant size: 30mm x 20mm. Stone size: 26mm x 18mm. Slight imperfections may exist due to the unique handmade nature of this piece. One of a kind. Only one Turquoise Sterling Silver Faceted Gemstone Necklace 925 Sterling silver chain and eco-friendly jute gift bag included.
  • Stamford Moon Angel Incense Sticks Another angelic fragrance from the Stamford range for all you Luna babies.  The soothing oriental perfume of these Moon Angel sticks is a special lunar blend and can be used for meditation, prayer and rituals.  Let the wafts of aromatic smoke fill the air, cleanse your space and allow you clearer energy to focus on your specific intentions and devotions.  Celebrate the mystery and magic of the moon and use her healing and abundant  energy anytime you have the need.

    Stamford Moon Angel Incense SticksSticks per box: 15

    Box Size: 245mm x 30mm

    Click Here For Stamford Angels Touch Incense Sticks

    Click Here For Stamford Guardian Angel Incense Sticks

  • Cho Ku Rei Reiki Keyring This keychain offers something more than just something functional to hold your keys.  The unique design features a Reiki Symbol which holds great spiritual meaning.  Cho Ku Rei is traditionally a Reiki symbol, used to channel Reiki energy and increase the healing power of a treatment.  It literally means “Place the power of the universe here".  The main function of Cho Ku Rei is to provide power, protection and prosperity. This distinctive Keychain works as a ‘switch’ that helps the owner to channel healing energy during visualisation exercises.  It is multipurpose and can be used for specific chakra work placing the keyring on areas of your body to heal it directly.  Carrying this symbol can bring good luck, protection and abundance. This Cho Ku Rei Reiki Symbol can be used to clean away negative energy.  Reiki is an intelligent energy and works for the highest interest of the person.  Reiki flows where it is needed and for the greater good of all.  Just with a intention you can send Reiki to any place and in any situation. This metal Keychain is a wonderful gift for new home owners, learner drivers or those who believe in the power of Reiki. Reinforced strength chain. Gift bag included. Slight imperfections may exist due to the unique handmade nature of this Keyring Cho Ku Rei Reiki Keyring size: 45mm x 30mm. Click Here For Black Agate Reiki Hamsa Hand Bracelet The meaning of Cho Ku Rei in Reiki