Eliminate Static Electricity in your Home

I’m wondering how many of you all have just lately started to suffer with any of the following:

Headache and migraine, fatigue but still have problems sleeping, increased irritability and aggressiveness, anxiety, feeling a bit down and finally the feeling that your circulation has gone sluggish, water retention and tired heavy legs.

Chances are you may be suffering from weather sensitivity symptoms.  Animals are also affected, your pets may be more restless or doing odd things.☀

A weather-sensitive person will react badly to our recent spell of heat and sunshine.  It may even worsen the symptoms of pre-existing conditions.☔

Static electricity building up in your home will make you feel like the  need for a good thunderstorm to clear the air.  Buying an Air Purifier will help but they can be quite expensive.

So if your feeling this heaviness and opening doors and windows are not working here’s something simple you can do.  Create your own humidifier by simply boiling a large saucepan of water on the cooker for as long as you need it.  Add some spices like cinnamon or aromatherapy oils to give off a nice scent.  The moisture in the air will reduce the static build up.

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Next make your own Anti-Static Spray.  Mix one part fabric softener with 5 parts water in a spray bottle.  Then mist over your carpets, couches, curtains and bed linen.  This will really reduce the amount of static electricity.

Keep your skin moisturised. Rub body lotion on yourself when you get out of the shower and before getting dressed, and top up throughout the day.  Dry skin contributes to static electricity.

Wear cotton which is a low static material.  Unfortunately most of our Summer clothes are nylon and polyester which will make the problem worse.

Rubber soled shoes and flip flops create static too so go barefoot to eliminate static electricity in your home.