Product Description

Handcrafted Opalite Crescent Moon Beam Pendant

The moon is like a wise old sage teaching us to “be” and reflect energy of a bigger force. It is the sun of the night. A reminder that in the midst of the darkness, a path of light will always exist. Only those willing to walk through the dark night will be able to see the beauty of the moon and the brilliance of the stars.

Light has significant spiritual meanings associated with both angels and miracles. The moon waxes until it is full and bright. Once it reaches there, it begins to darken itself part-by-part, by each passing day until it is completely invisible. We also try and bury our insecurities, negativity and agony to make them invisible. The Moon teaches us to be beautiful despite being imperfect in appearance. It teaches us to be cool and calm. It inspires us to grow and regrow.

The waning of the moon symbolizes the process of detaching oneself. Shed your past. Every new day brings an opportunity to pick yourself up and scale a new peak. Opalite is known as the “Eye Stone” which explains the modern word optician. Just as our eyes absorb light and reflect it back, so too does Opal. This gorgeous Moon Beam pendant is all about reflection. Despite the vastness of the moon it is reliant on the sun to reflect its light onto the earth. Opalite reflects our inner selves and illuminates our positive characteristics and emotions helping to guide us on our life journey and achieve our God given potential. The mysterious Alchemy of our souls makes it in constant search for balance.

This Handcrafted Opalite Crescent Moon Beam Pendant symbolises balance and harmony in our relationships with others helping us to reflect our true nature and shine brightly through dark times. The moon glows softly while the sun burns bright, one is nothing without the other yet both exist together in perfect harmony.

Pendant size: 40mm x 30mm. Stone size: 17mm x 13mm.

Slight imperfections may exist due to the unique handmade nature of this piece.

One of a kind.

Handcrafted Opalite Crescent Moon Beam Pendant 925 Sterling silver chain and eco-friendly jute gift bag included.

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