Aventurine Earrings Sterling Silver Hooks

Gorgeous Green Aventurine represents vitality and health. It vibrates strongly with Earth Energy and is often called the Opportunity Stone due to its powers of increase and manifestation, bringing new opportunities steeped in prosperity and success. If you’re tired of recurring negative patterns in your life Aventurine can help you break this cycle and release old toxic thoughts.

These earrings are Handmade here at Spiritual Gifts Ireland. Three gemstones have been added because 3 refers to the Trinity which means that you are receiving divine protection and guidance. The number 3 represents past present and future which means you are being called to consider your current Spiritual path and your future goals. 3 is also an Angel number and the angelic granting of 3 wishes.Sterling silver hooks.Slight colour variations exist due to the natural stone content.Nickel free.Earring Length: 4cm (excluding hook)Stone Width: 1cmEach pair is presented in a gift pouch with its full description plus a description on how to use crystals for well being.

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