This unusual stone derived its name from its snake skin appearance. But don’t let this put you off as never has there been a more outstanding meditation stone and emotional freedom. Its unusual colourings come from the presence of magnesium, iron, silicate hydroxide.

If you struggle with establishing boundaries with people and maintain strong enough inner peace to keep these boundaries, this stone is for you. Serpentine balances those ‘people pleasing’ mood swings. Serpentine can help you to be less sensitive to the thoughts, comments or opinions of others. It can help you feel more self confident and less interested in receiving external praise or appreciation.

Serpentine is a stone of independence. It generates a sense of being protected, stimulating you to move into new realms and social circles without hesitancy or fear.
Its ability to calm you during negativity and stress protects you from the effects of negative energy
When we believe in a power greater than ourselves, we eventually come to understand that we are not in charge of the world, and nobody can take charge of our soul – that the world is, in fact, run by that “Higher Power”.

Serpentine is all about letting go. Stop forcing your own will or control over the situation. Sometimes we get so caught up in what others think of us or allow others to create a solution to the answers we want, that we are completely blinded to other possibilities. Let go of your own sense of control and just be open to whatever may come your way.

When we worry and stress our energy, we close ourselves down and hinder positive energy and joy from entering into our circle.

Serpentine helps with disturbances to the heart rhythm, kidney and stomach complaints, and also when diarrhea and constipation keep alternating from irritable bowel syndrome. It balances over acidification and stimulates magnesium metabolism, relaxes cramps and alleviates menstrual pain.

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