Sandalwood Incense with Ash CatcherThis 10 inch mango wood incense burner/ash catcher is suitable for all standard size incense sticks up to 10 inches. The special curved shape and centre groove collect falling ash for ease of use and disposal.  Comes with 20 Sandalwood sticks.Burning sandalwood incense sticks releases a fragrant, woody odor. It doubles as a safer alternative to chemical air fresheners.  The scent is associated with lower levels of anxiety and stress. For even more stress relief, burn lavender incense simultaneously. The combination of both aromas has been shown to have an amazing impact on stress relief.The stress-busting impact of sandalwood makes it a great sedative. It’ll calm down your worried mind, helping you get some shut eye. It might be just what you need after a long day.  Burn an incense stick while getting ready for bed. It’ll set the mood and create a comforting, soothing atmosphere.Sandalwood is a popular scent used to deepen meditations, freshen the air and clear any negative residual energy.In Ayurvedic medicine, Sandalwood it is used to treat inflammation, dry skin, urinary tract infections, anxiety, insomnia, neuralgia, sciatica, depression, urinary tract infections and stress-related disorders.Sandalwood Incense Sticks with Ash Catcher - 20 sticks