Rainbow Magic Feather DreamcatcherFew can resist the beauty of a Rainbow.  The perfect amalgamation of light.  They represent a bridge between two worlds, our earthly and spiritual worlds.  Rainbows bring hope and renewal.  A feeling that the rain has passed and good things are on the way.  This gorgeous Rainbow Magic Feather Dreamcatcher is a reminder to you to keep looking upwards.  Hold onto your hope.  Open your heart and let the divine light in so that you can be guided in the direction most right for you.Add some rainbow magic to your home or garden with these super cute colourful Dreamcatchers.The Dream Catcher is a Native American talisman which according to the legends protects the sleeper and his dreams from evil spirits. Native ancestors believe the night air is filled with both good and bad dreams. The dreamcatcher web filters out all bad dreams, allowing only good thoughts to enter your mind. The good spirit dreams float down the sacred feathers into the psyche of the dreamer while the bad spirit dreams are held in the center web and burn off in the first light of morning.Dream catchers are also a great addition to place overhead your sacred mediation space to help you remember messages and visions from the higher spirit.Rainbow Magic Feather Dreamcatcher Length: 38cm (15 inches) Width: 15.5cm (6 inches)Click Here For Free Spirit Unicorn Dreamcatcher