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  • Amethyst Healing Hands PendantOur unique Làmha Healing Hands Pendant  is perfect for Healers, Reiki practitioners and those of you needing a healing touch.  Làmha comes from the ancient Gaelic Irish language meaning hands.  Laying-on of hands to heal human illness is a worldwide practice.These pendants serve as much more than just a necklace.  For thousands of years crystals have been used to release spiritual, mental and physical blockages from our bodies.  Hands carry a similar divine vibration and frequency. Wearing this unique piece facilitates the awakening of your own inner healing.  It provides balance and strengthens your thoughts and intentions to harness a positive physical, mental and emotional state.Mind and body are so closely linked that improving your psychological state can greatly improve your physical state.Amethyst is known as the gem of peace and tranquility.  A stone of spirituality and peace of mind, used in meditation to open channels between your subconscious and the divine.  It encourages spiritual awakening and transformation.  When fully charged Amethyst purifies your aura of negative energy and places a protective shield around you.  Amethyst is a natural stress reliever that calms, balances and clears your aura.  It encourages inner strength, spirituality and intuition.  Amethyst promotes sobriety, helps break addictions and attracts positive energy.Purple is the colour of mystery fantasy and intrigue.  Wearing purple makes a statement. It’s the stability of blue combined with the passion of red and it’s the most powerful wavelength on the colour spectrum.  What better way to wear it than this gorgeous Amethyst Pendant.Purple creates a sense of calm and contentment and Amethyst is a popular favourite for those embarking on spiritual paths, seeking greater fulfilment and a deeper connection with the divine.  It’s a stone of protection.  Renowned to strengthen your auric field and deepen your meditations.Full description and gift pouch included.Slight colour variations exist due to the natural stone contentPendant size: 28mm x 16mm.Amethyst Healing Hands Pendant - Sterling silver chain included 
  • Purple Agate Necklace 925 Dainty Size

    Agate is a stone everyone should carry for healing.  It’s one of the oldest healing gemstones.  Historically used in the breastplates of Armour to give warriors strength and victory in battle.  It represents hope and possibility.  It alleviates a depressive mood, soothes emotional energies and harmonises our Aura during times of stress.

    Pictures show the exact piece you receive.Comes with a sterling silver chain.Pendant size: 2.5cm x 2.4cm.This pendant is presented in a cotton gift pouch with a full description plus a description on how to use crystals for well being.

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