Iolite resonates with the violet flame and its invisible spirit energies. The violet flame is a unique spiritual energy that can help with any area of your life. It can heal emotional and physical problems, improve your
relationships and help you grow spiritually in a gentle way. It is a very strong Shaman stone as it connects with all of humanities consciousness.

Like all light reflecting stones, Iolite helps guide our way on spiritual paths and astral travels, connecting spiritual and earthly worlds. In our physical bodies Iolite assists with vertigo, disorientation and lack of motivation and willpower. It enhances our imagination, bringing to life long forgotten dreams and ambitions. Reflecting all the good we want to see in our lives and the world around us.
Iolite resonates with the third eye chakra the centre of dreams, intuition, exploration and illumination. It creates a clear sense of perspective allowing the wearer to see what needs to be adjusted in their lives to create balance and motivates them to bring harmony to areas such as troubled finances in small practical steps.

Iolite can help you to see how your actions or lack of them have been creating situations in your world that are now holding you back. Sometimes it’s difficult to see where you are at when it feels like there is no movement forward. Iolite provides the strength to move us physically and spiritually as change is an inevitable part of this world.

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