Crystal Oracle Divination BallThe crystal ball is used as a focal point for divination and meditation. Crystal ball gazing is accessible to everyone, and although difficult at first, it’s definitely something which improves with practice.How To Use Your Crystal BallIn order to use the crystal ball, you need a quiet space where you will not be interrupted. Keep your mind blank and stare into the crystal ball. This is the best way to get the most out of scrying. While in a relaxed state focus on the question at hand, if you are fully relaxed and your mind is open, you will see an image in your mind or hear the answer in your head.Don’t try to interpret the images you see as they come along, or you will break the concentration. Just let the images come and go. When the session is over, trust that you will remember the most important ones.This Crystal Ball is perfectly clear, which makes it perfect for someone looking for their first crystal ball. Its a good size for use, at 60mm in diameter. Perfect for everyday use and display purposes.Gift boxed with stand.Crystal Oracle Divination Ball Size: 60mm (please check size before ordering)