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  • Guardian Angel Locket NecklaceThis sumptuous Guardian Angel Locket is made from silver pewter.  Guardian Angels are assigned to guide and protect you.  They are always around you, listening to your innermost thoughts.  Unfavourable life events often make you lose faith in your Angels.Wearing this angelic Guardian Angel Locket Necklace will help focus your intention of letting the angels back into your life and learning to trust them again.  At the back there is a secret compartment to put anything you like into it, from your favourite gemstone chips to healing herbs.  Alternatively write down your wish and lock it away and wear it close to your heart every day.Comes with a 925 Sterling Silver chain and gift bag.Pendant size: 40mm x 22mmClick Here For Stamford Earth Angel Incense Sticks
  • Amethyst Ring Angel WingsAngel's come and smooth the way whenever we call upon them for help.  They are divine messengers sent to help us on our Spiritual journey.  A gentle reminder of God’s gracious love whenever we stumble or fall.  You were created in divine light and deserve love and miraculous blessings.Because Angels are considered the divine givers of good energy in the world. They are frequently depicted as being sent by a higher power in order to spread love, joy and protection.An Angel can mean something different to everyone they make a fantastic gift. Give them to friends and family to remind them of their positive qualities or to offer courage and guidance.Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and peace of mind, used in meditation to open channels between your subconscious and the divine.  It encourages spiritual awakening and transformation.Amethyst is the Birthstone of those born in February.  It is a natural stress reliever that calms, balances and clears your aura.  It encourages inner strength, spirituality and intuition.  Amethyst promotes sobriety, helps break addictions and attracts positive energy.From a health perspective Amethyst is believed to alleviate complaints of the higher chakras such as earaches, headaches, nervous tension, tinnitus and migraines. Over burdening the body can impair the immune system making you more prone to colds and flu. Amethyst strengthens the immune system, reduces stress and calms an overactive mind.Amethyst is a powerful spirit stone.  Vibrating on the Violet Ray Spectrum of Archangel Zadkiel, whose earthly function is twofold; compassion and memory.  This Angel of Light supports those who need to remember facts and figures making it a perfect talisman for anyone in numerical jobs or studying.Healing and vitality are restored to the overworked and stressed who may be suffering from tension and headaches.  Zadkiel is the Angel of forgiveness, helping earthly souls heal painful memories, practice tolerance and kindness, and focus on the happy times in their life.  Its deep purple colour creates a sense of calm and contentment. This gorgeous ring consists of a pair of diamante Angel’s Wings set with an amethyst stone.  A beautiful piece sent from heavenly skies to channel your intention on receiving the gifts of happiness, peace and abundance.Ring size US: 9Ring size UK: R - SWing size: 28mm x 25mmFull description and gift pouch included.This is a statement piece ringPlease check ring size before ordering this Amethyst Ring Angel Wings

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