Angel Gift Guardian Hope Courage LoveSometimes only a sprinkle of Angel Dust will do.  Available in Love, Courage, Hope and Guardian.  Each gorgeous glass bottle is filled with sparkly glitter and has a unique message in the form of a scroll bound with a silver ring. Carry your message separately in your purse or wallet to remind you that your Angels are near and want to help you.Hope:  The Angel of Hope inspires you to see the truth in life and brings hope when it is needed.Courage:  The Angel of Courage gives you the ability to confront fear, pain, danger and uncertainty.  Her wisdom is priceless.Love:  The Angel of Love is kind, caring and supporting.  Love is priceless and will enrich your life.Guardian:  The Guardian Angel helps to guide you through life, teaching you to love, smile and dream along the way.Bottle size: 6.5cm x 2.5cmAngel Gift Guardian Hope Courage Love: Full Angel description and gift pouch included.See Also Our Angel Bookmark Gift Boxed