Our newest member to the shop is Pineapple Planner Supplies.

Jessica’s Story:

Hey!!  My name is Jessica O’ Mahony. I’m from Wicklow, Ireland. “Pineapple Planner Love” is my new store opening right here and on Etsy. I am currently stocking my shop as super fast as I can. Stay close by to see all my new planner and scrapbooking goodies.

I adore stationery. In school I always loved to have fancy pencils and cute things to hang on my school bag. In Ireland some of our main stationery stockists are very expensive. Younger kids in school don’t have any income so cant afford the best of planners etc. Like me, they have to decorate what they have with the best and lowest price that they can find.
At school we have a “mini company” programme as part of our business studies. Its setting up a little business, learning about marketing yourself and selling your things to friends and family. I decided on stationery. Many of my friends at school loved my things so that year 2018 I took a stall at our local Christmas market in our town hall. It was great fun and lovely to chat to stationery lovers like me.

I’m in fifth year now at school and have decided to keep on my little stationery shop. Etsy has given me a great platform to do this. Also another this website has let me sell my things there too. Jenny, the owner was in school with my aunty and she thought accessories for journals etc would be a good fit on her website. (sorry jenny for giving away your age :-))

Jenny’s Story:

You may wonder whats the connection with these products and spirituality.  Keeping a planner, organiser, scrapbook or diary creates mindfulness and conscious living. All of these need beautiful stationery.

Keeping a journal diary is like having a best friend and therapist all rolled into one.  For the last few years I’ve kept mine as a chronicle of what’s going on in my life, my goals for the future and most of all my dreams.  Something magical happens when you take a pen to a special notebook and release those inner most thoughts.  It’s therapy.  Many times it’s hard to admit our greatest fears and desires.

Journaling is your own special personal advancement tool, allowing for self-reflection, reward and success.  It allows you the freedom to vent, rant, rejoice, plan and clarify. I want to encourage you, if you don’t already own a journal to go out and buy a new one today.  Choose something attractive to you, maybe with a fancy pen.  Then every day at a time that suits you spend a few minutes writing your feelings or life events you experienced.

A journal is a safe environment where you can process these emotions without fear or judgement.  It will never interrupt you or condemn you for words that you wouldn’t dare say to the people in question.  Its pages are sponges soaking up even the most toxic of material.  These emotions are better out than in.  When kept inside, they fester and grow like mould until they consume you.

A journal is a great life-tracker, allowing you to see how far you have come, repeat patterns of behaviour whether good or bad and goal accomplishments.  Seeing things on paper frees up your head space giving you clarity and perspective on what your next move should be.

Journaling creates mindfulness and being more present in your life as it happens.  Being mindful will help you achieve your goals, enjoy your loved ones more and most of all enjoy living.

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