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Using crystal healing wands for energy healing is an ancient practice.  There are many varieties of wands available all with a similar purpose, to gather and direct healing energy.  Wands are hand carved and can be different colours, shapes and sizes.  They are a powerful tool due to their ability to focus healing energy through their points.

Choosing the right crystal is important as each stone resonates with a certain colour and chakra point.  They also possess certain vibrational energy and health benefits.  Wands can be placed on your altar or sacred space to direct energy into a room, remove residual energies and increase positivism. They can also be used personally to deepen meditations and channel energy for aura cleansing and chakra balancing.

Pointed Wands are suitable for scanning your aura for blockages and specific pressure point work.  Round ended wands are better suited to massage or reflexology treatments as they will not scratch the skin.  When selecting the right healing wands to suit your needs keep in mind the healing function, the colour you are drawn too and the one that resonates with your spirit the most.

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