Turquoise Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

The blue green colours of Turquoise radiate tranquillity.  It is a stone of self-forgiveness and self-acceptance.  You are created in the image and likeness of the divine for a special reason.  Don’t be afraid to communicate your message.  Speak your truth.  Turquoise is a powerful healing stone to help you live your earthly life with integrity and truth.  Allowing you to speak your message from a place of love.   It resonates with the throat chakra.

Often messages may come to you from your spirit as you go about your daily activities.  Shyness or feelings of awkwardness may trick you into believing that what you have to say has no value.  Turquoise unblocks the internal communication channels helping you to overcome shyness and say what is really in your heart. It calms the breath of those prone to over- reacting and self-sabotage.  Speech becomes more direct and structured as you speak your truth.

This unique Turquoise Tree of Life Pendant Necklace is designed in the image of the Tree of Life reminding you that you are a child of the universe rooted in the earth.  You have the right to exist and a responsibility to grow to be the person you want to become.  All trees have to weather storms to shed dead leaves and weak branches.  They emerge stronger for it and so will you.  Your life will have many twists and turns like a trees many branches. These branches grow from tiny beginnings, thrive, change, become broken and as they age become very unique. So too will you.

From a health perspective Turquoise helps with areas involving the upper Chakras such as sinus, brain, eyes, ears, nose and throat. It also strengthens the immune system, alleviating allergies and breathing problems.

Turquoise Tree of Life Pendant Necklace Comes with a 925 Sterling Silver chain and gift bag.

Pendant size: 50mm x 50mm

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